Why choose polypropylene strapping?

Polypropylene strapping is crucial to your business’s packaging process. Know everything about him and choose the right one.

Why choose polypropylene strapping?

Polypropylene strapping is a fundamental tool for all packaging that requires strong support and high resistance to breakage and corrosion. In addition, it has adequate tension and elongation to support weight and contains all kinds of merchandise.

It is waterproof and can be exposed to high temperatures and not change. However, there are various types of polypropylene strapping. You have to know which is suitable for a certain packaging and product.

They have a variety of measurements, and according to them, they have different uses. Its importance is such that it can contribute to the success or otherwise of a business. A product’s key element is reaching your client correctly packaged or wholly scattered.

In short, thanks to its characteristics, polypropylene strapping is a fundamental input for strapping machines. Furthermore, it is essential to merchandise packaging and a business’s success.

The power of the right choice: key reasons to choose polypropylene strapping in your packaging operations

It should be noted that polypropylene strapping is a crucial element of any packaging operation. Its correct choice guarantees that the products to be transported are stable and firm so they can be handled, loaded, and unloaded without problems.

What intrinsic characteristics make them fulfill such an important function? The reasons why you have to adopt them for your packaging are:

A.   Strength and durability

The high resistance to breakage, tearing, and corrosion is one of the main characteristics of these straps. They guarantee that the packaged products can be moved without being dispersed and safely.

The rigid polypropylene allows for transporting goods such as furniture, pallets, and packages of books or brochures from one place to another, protected. Its excellent durability enables the goods to go through different instances of transfer and handling without suffering any damage.

B.   Flexibility and adaptability

These straps’ manufacturing process includes extruding polypropylene and other additives. Thus, It makes them flexible and suitable for packaging various sizes of products without mistreating them.

They quickly adapt to various merchandise, holding them firmly and securely. They are manufactured in different thicknesses and dimensions. Its use can be in manual, automatic, or semi-automatic strapping machines.

Its flexibility and adaptability are such that it allows the transfer from plastic tubes to floors and tiles with plenty of safety and firmness.

C.   Safety and security

The chemical elements of polypropylene allow the strapping of this material to be highly resistant. They are not affected by changes in temperature, humidity, or corrosion.

They provide a secure, firm, and reliable hold, protecting the transported products and preventing them from moving or spreading during transport. They do not cause cuts during handling, as can be caused by steel strapping.

In summary, polypropylene strapping guarantees safe and efficient transport in various transport circumstances and packaging. In this way, the merchandise arrives at its destination in optimal conditions.

Beyond Cost: The Strategic Benefits of Selecting Polypropylene Strapping for Your Packaging Needs

The advantages of using these straps are deduced from polypropylene and its already-mentioned properties. Also, its use in packaging brings strategic benefits to your business. Among them, we can list the following:

A.   Efficiency and productivity

These straps secure the products firmly and efficiently, preventing the merchandise from spreading when packed. It optimizes the packaging operation and reduces the time spent on this task. Likewise, they improve the productivity of the personnel involved in the packaging work due to their flexibility and easy placement.

B.   Brand image and presentation

Another of the properties of high-quality polypropylene strapping is the possibility of customization. The image of the company and its brands can be promoted through printed colors and logos. They give the packaging a professional and attractive appearance and the company, distinction, and recognition.

C.   Sustainability and environmental responsibility

This strapping is a 100% ecological option since reusable materials are used in manufacturing. They are recyclable, as opposed to single-use steel or plastic strapping, being a sustainable option that protects the environment.

These benefits are the product of the intrinsic characteristics of these straps. They give the packaging quality and presence that is difficult to match by other packaging systems.

Choose a polypropylene strap and ensure the success of your business

The polypropylene market does not stop growing. Choosing the right polypropylene strapping has all sorts of benefits. It has economic advantages since it optimizes the packaging process, protecting the products in logistics and distribution.

It also helps to improve the brand image. Adopting these straps undoubtedly contributes to your business’s success in several aspects. At BMS, we are experts in the manufacture of polypropylene strapping. Contact us, and we will advise you to choose the appropriate strapping for your company.

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