Production Capacity

Increase the efficiency of your production with our wide capacity and large-scale packaging solutions. With BMS, meeting your needs has never been easier.

Our Production Capacity

As a premier manufacturer of high-caliber packaging and wrapping products, BMS is deeply committed to offering reliable and efficient solutions that fulfill the unique requirements of our clientele. With a robust production capacity and unparalleled expertise in the industry, we stand as an unwavering ally for all your packaging needs. Excellence and innovation are at the heart of our operations as we strive to provide top-notch products that safeguard your goods during transit and storage.

Polypropylene Strapping

Our adjustable straps are in high demand across many industries, given their efficacy in securing and stabilizing cargo during handling.

Cardboard Edge Protectors

Manufactured from top-tier, recycled linerboard, these edge protectors bolster the resilience and safety of your products.

Chipboard Packaging

We offer an extensive range of chipboard packaging solutions meticulously tailored to your precise specifications.

Cardboard Boxes

A versatile packaging staple, our cardboard boxes are at your disposal for various packaging purposes.

Poly Bubble and Poly Foam

For an added layer of protection, our poly bubble and poly foam products are an excellent choice to safeguard your items throughout their journey and storage.

Our Extensive Range of Packaging Products

At BMS, our diverse portfolio is thoughtfully engineered to accommodate a broad spectrum of needs and applications. This array encompasses polypropylene strapping, cardboard edge protectors, and an eclectic mix of other packaging essentials.

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Unmatched Production Capacity

Our formidable manufacturing prowess and supply chain efficiency empower us to consistently produce a substantial volume of strapping and other packaging materials. Our production capacity is an impressive 10 tons per day, and we are constantly augmenting our capabilities to diversify our product range. Our overarching objective is to guarantee prompt and streamlined production that satisfies our clients’ exigencies and fosters their market triumphs.

The Art and Science of Manufacturing Strapping and Packaging Products

At BMS, the fabrication of polypropylene strapping is an intricate interplay of crucial processes that warrant the integrity and longevity of our products.


Polypropylene Extrusion:

Polypropylene is melted and extruded through a specialized die to create a uniform, continuous strip.

Cooling System:

The strip is then subjected to a cooling system, solidifying the polypropylene while maintaining its desired shape.

Stretching Process:

Subsequently, the strip is elongated via stretching rollers to augment its tensile strength and overall quality.

Cutting and Winding:

Upon stretching, the strip is precisely cut into designated lengths and coiled into rolls, ready for distribution and utilization within the packaging realm.


Our Cutting-Edge Machinery and Equipment

BMS is armed with state-of-the-art machinery and equipment that underpin our manufacturing processes. This arsenal includes extruders, grinders, pelletizers, mixers, rewinders, compactors, and more.

Furthermore, we are staunchly dedicated to remaining at the vanguard of the industry by investing in pioneering machinery and embracing avant-garde technologies that can meet and exceed client expectations.

Unrelenting Pursuit of Research and Development

We acknowledge the pivotal role of research and development in fostering innovation and perpetual enhancement. We are actively immersed in R&D initiatives and collaborations, which encompass partnerships with our clients and ongoing development of our product line.

This commitment facilitates our ability to customize products in alignment with our clients’ distinct requisites while perpetually refining the caliber and performance of our packaging solutions.


Uncompromising Safety and Quality Standards

BMS is unequivocally devoted to upholding the highest echelons of safety and quality in our products and manufacturing operations. We adhere to international standards and implement rigorous protocols based on ISO certifications.

Moreover, our modus operandi is ingrained in a culture of continuous improvement, which empowers us to pinpoint areas for optimization and implement groundbreaking solutions in our pursuit of excellence. Engaging in constructive dialogue with our clients is invaluable, as it enriches our understanding of their needs and fuels the development of novel products that fulfill their criteria.

Triumphing Over Challenges


BMS’s unwavering dedication to excellence has seen us face and conquer numerous hurdles in the fiercely competitive realm of strapping and packaging product manufacturing.

These challenges encompass procuring premium raw materials, formulating bespoke solutions, securing financial backing for expansion, penetrating markets with established players, and cultivating trust with clients regarding product quality.


Our fortitude, diligence, and tenacity have been instrumental in surmounting these challenges, propelling us to enviable heights and consolidating our status as industry trailblazers.

We Stand Ready to Serve You

Let BMS be your stalwart companion in the packaging and wrapping domain. Our exceptional product quality, formidable production capacity, and unwavering commitment to continuous improvement distinguish us from the crowd.

We cordially invite you to contact us and discover how we can equip you with tailor-made, efficacious packaging solutions that cater to your needs.

Let’s ensure your products’ impeccable protection and safety throughout their journey. Place your trust in BMS – your go-to packaging product manufacturer.


Guaranteed protection at every logistics stage

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