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At BMS, our passion is to provide specialized and customized packaging solutions that exceed the expectations of various industries. We take pride in our commitment to impeccable quality, constant innovation, and meticulous attention to detail.

Whatever your sector, whether the food industry, aerospace, or automotive, we have carefully designed products to meet your needs.

Our priority is to deliver top-notch packaging solutions. Explore our capabilities and how we can help you sustainably achieve your goals.


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Food Industry

We offer specialized packaging solutions for the food industry, which faces critical challenges. Our focus is on providing appropriate packaging to ensure the quality of food intended for human consumption.


Electronics Industry

We provide packaging solutions to protect and preserve electronic devices and components during transportation and storage. Our approach is based on overcoming packaging challenges in the electronics industry and ensuring product integrity.

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Logistics Industry

We optimize logistics by offering packaging solutions that guarantee the integrity of products during transportation and storage. Our products enhance logistical efficiency and contribute to the efficient distribution of goods.


Packaging Industry

We collaborate with companies across all industries to develop custom packaging solutions. Our packaging highlights the quality and attractiveness of your products, meeting technical requirements and improving their protection and presentation.

Man, an electrical technician working in a switchboard with fuses. Installation and connection of electrical equipment.

Telecommunications Industry

Our specialized packaging protects sensitive equipment and devices in the telecommunications industry during transportation and storage. We offer packaging options that ensure security and optimal performance.

Pharmaceutical technician in sterile environment working on production of pills at pharmacy factory

Medical Industry

Our specialized packaging meets the highest standards of the medical industry. We guarantee the protection and integrity of medical devices during transportation and storage, providing quality products that meet your needs and regulations.

A process of building a space rocket engine at NASA

Aerospace Industry

We offer aerospace packaging solutions designed to withstand extreme conditions. Our products ensure the safety and integrity of equipment during transportation and storage in space exploration, technological innovation, and aviation.

Movement of vehicles along the production line at the plant. Car Assembly shop. Car Assembly by parts

Automotive Industry

With our expertise in packaging solutions for the automotive industry, we protect components and ensure their integrity during transportation and storage. As a dynamic and ever-evolving sector, we offer products that meet automotive industry standards.

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