Cardboard Corners

Protect your products effectively and sustainably with the recyclable cardboard corners from BMS. We guarantee quality and environmental responsibility in every corner.



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Cardboard Corner Protectors

Reliable and Resilient Protection

At every step of the logistical process, our Cardboard Corner Protectors serve as indispensable allies in safeguarding the integrity of your products. Precision-designed and manufactured with cellulose fibers and recycled materials, our corner protectors stand out for their rigidity and durability. Their multi-layered paper construction, featuring a smooth outer surface, grants them exceptional mechanical strength.

The consistency and ability to withstand vertical compression of our corner protectors are defined by the grammage of the papers used and the height of the waves. These essential characteristics ensure optimal protection against vibrations and stresses, strengthening the unit load and preventing potential damage. Furthermore, our cardboard corner protectors excel in moisture resistance, maintaining exceptional solidity even under extreme conditions.

Experience the Benefits

Minimize damages

Reduce the harm caused by the loss of structural support of corrugated materials due to moisture.

Increased stability

Provide greater strength to the estimated load, helping prevent shifts and ensure optimal protection.

Enhanced impact resistance

Offer heightened resistance to corner impacts, protecting products from potential damage during transportation.


Tension distribution

Efficiently distribute the tension generated by stretch films, straps, and bands, ensuring proper fastening.

Cost reduction

Reducing costs by decreasing product damages and avoiding unnecessary losses and replacements.

Protect your products during transport with our sturdy cardboard corner protectors

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Ideal for Use in


Effectively protect furniture during transportation and storage, preventing damage and ensuring integrity.


Maximize efficiency in handling and transporting goods with our reliable cardboard corner protectors solution.


Provide a reliable solution for packaging and secure transportation of food products, guaranteeing freshness and quality.

Automotive Parts

Offer optimal protection for automotive parts, preventing damage from impacts and ensuring their optimal condition during shipping.


Ideal for warehouse storage and organization, facilitating stacking and avoiding damage to stored products.


Comply with packaging standards required by the pharmaceutical industry, ensuring the protection and safety of medical products.


Provide a suitable solution for packaging and preservation of paper products, preventing deformations and damage during handling and transportation.


Essential for the packaging sector, offering a reliable and resilient solution to protect various products during handling and shipping.


It's Time to Transform Your Packaging

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Guaranteed protection at every logistics stage

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