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Joining Forces for Success in the Supply Chain

At BMS, we recognize the importance of an efficient and reliable supply chain. As leaders in the industrial packaging materials industry, we actively seek business partners who share our vision and wish to participate in distributing and marketing our products.

Collaborating with strategic distributors strengthens our presence in the domestic and international markets, providing mutual benefits and positively impacting the global supply chain.


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What Products Can You Distribute?

Poly Bubble Wrap and Poly Foam

With BMS, you can distribute many products to your business partners. These include Polypropylene Strapping, PET Strapping, Cardboard Corners, Chipboard, Corrugated Cardboard, Poly Bubble Wrap, and Poly Foam, renowned for their effective product protection capabilities. These materials stand out for their versatility and reliability, making them the ideal solution for various industries, enabling you to meet your customers’ packaging and protection needs.

Cardboard Boxes

Furthermore, you can also count on cardboard boxes, which are indispensable in numerous sectors due to their versatility and practicality. From the food industry to the electronics industry, cardboard boxes have become the preferred choice because of their ability to protect, store, and facilitate the logistics of various types of goods.

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Why Become a BMS Distributor?

Our distributors enjoy a range of exclusive advantages and benefits that enable them to thrive in the competitive packaging materials market.

First and foremost, we offer special prices, providing them with a significant advantage. Additionally, our distributors have strong technical support from our team of experts, who provide personalized advice and assistance to ensure they can effectively meet their customers’ needs. Furthermore, we support our distributors with a guarantee of protection for their customers, ensuring the quality and satisfaction of the supplied products.

How to Become a BMS Distributor?

The process of becoming a BMS distributor is simple and transparent. If you want to join our distribution network, we invite you to contact our sales team. Our experts will assess your profile and discuss the available collaboration opportunities. We value long-term relationships and seek partners committed to quality, excellence, and customer service.


Together Towards Excellence in the Packaging Materials Industry

We are committed to mutual success and close collaboration with our distributors at BMS. By joining our distribution network, you can take advantage of special prices, exceptional technical support, and a guarantee of protection for your customers.

We invite you to join us on this journey, where we can reach new levels of excellence and leadership in the packaging materials industry. Contact us today to explore the opportunities we have for you!

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