Securing Success: How BMS’s Custom Strapping Optimizes Packaging

Discover how BMS’s custom straps revolutionize industrial packaging

Securing Success: How BMS’s Custom Strapping Optimizes Packaging

Custom straps are essential components that ensure the smooth shipping and delivery of products, especially when they need to be transported over long distances and the journey tests the packaging’s resilience.

The strapping process is indispensable in the supply chain, but how do you select a strap tailored to the type of goods? Is it possible to opt for customized packaging? Discover here how to achieve adaptation and success.

Revolutionize Your Packaging with Custom Straps

Having custom straps allows any company to enhance their brand image. These straps are a powerful marketing tool that increases product visibility and adds value to the business.

At BMS, our straps provide clients seeking secure packaging with real solutions and operational efficiency. In some cases, BMS packaging solutions include measures like marking the packaging to prevent theft during shipping.

Some companies prefer strength or flexible materials, while others opt for sustainable packaging to reduce environmental impact. However, it is common for companies to choose custom straps that are economical and easy to use to ensure the success and quality of their packaging.

In fact, clients like Victory have witnessed how BMS’s custom straps have improved the quality of their packaging. They have even optimized their delivery times, increasing their competitiveness and reputation in the industrial market.

At BMS Straps Industry, you will find straps, film, gummed paper, and other materials for sealing boxes, recommended ensuring packaging safety.

Challenges of Traditional Packaging: Overcoming Limits with Innovation

Proper strapping with BMS is key within industrial packaging. This importance is attributed to several reasons that go beyond basic product containment. Primarily, traditional packaging ensures quality, as it preserves the integrity of palletized or individual structures.

Whether in transit, handling, storage, or delivery, a good strap protects against impacts, vibrations, or other incidents that compromise product conditions. Keeping the goods firmly united prevents cargo shifting, which prevents accidents and ensures the safety of both workers and products.

Furthermore, traditional strapping significantly influences the quality and operational efficiency. Thus, correctly executed packaging allows for efficient and safe handling, storage, and transportation, optimizing the supply chain.

In addition to reducing operational costs, BMS offers uniformity in loads, thereby facilitating handling through lifting equipment. This includes everything from forklifts to automated storage and transport systems. Undoubtedly, this is an indispensable practice in industrial packaging, essential for ensuring safety in product distribution.

Customization Tailored to You: Find the Perfect Solution with BMS

Opting for customized packaging is ideal for optimizing processes and ensuring business success. At BMS, you will find custom straps, that is, with your logo or personal brand. This way, unwanted handling during transit and storage is prevented, providing both advertising and security.

With BMS, companies can focus on understanding the uniqueness of their own business, thus achieving packaging adaptation according to existing needs. Each company faces a set of distinct challenges and objectives, and this is where custom straps truly shine.

No matter the need, at BMS, you will receive professional advice through meticulous process analysis. In these cases, experts consider packaging, economic goals, and objectives to find tailor-made solutions.

Such is the case with the company Hubbell, which has found true packaging solutions for its products. Given the fragile nature of their lamps, any bump or vibration during transit could result in considerable damage, affecting not just the integrity of the product but also the company’s reputation. Fortunately, BMS not only understood Hubbell’s packaging process but also offered expert advice on the use of custom straps.

Personalized Assistance

Thanks to the support, companies discover that having a custom strap can be a rewarding and 100% effective solution. Indeed, opting for strapping machines, in particular, multiplies the benefits of automating the process, improving the consistency and safety of the strap around the merchandise.

In this way, not only is the performance of resources optimized, but also the productivity of the company. They can also enjoy other benefits such as:

  • Less time and effort to prepare shipments.
  • Reduces the risk of human errors and workplace accidents.
  • Greater security of products by preventing unwanted handling during transit and storage.
  • Improves corporate branding by optimizing the brand’s advertising system.
  • Significant economic savings with a custom strap, without additional costs.

Undoubtedly, these personalized solutions ensure that the supply chain reaches its destination in optimal conditions. Thus, custom straps reduce returns and the costs associated with losses from damage during shipping.

Proven Success: Real Cases of Transformation with BMS Straps

A real proof of success with BMS’s custom straps is the transformation experienced by the company Keytronic. This company had excessive consumption of packaging materials due to a lack of specialization in secure packaging.

Their application only generated high storage costs and evident losses during the transportation of loads. For its part, BMS provided them with personalized and innovative solutions; for this, it implemented a Just in Time delivery system.

Similarly, they supported them with new packaging materials, adapted to Keytronic’s own needs. They also used polypropylene straps, poly foam, poly bubble, and cardboard corners,

It should be noted that such implementation requires time and BMS support to conduct tests with different types of materials. In this case, it has been more than 6 years of successful collaboration, adaptation, and continuous development for the optimization of Keytronic’s processes.

Thanks to BMS’s services, Keytronic has obtained unsurpassed benefits. From significant savings and improvements in storage processes to the quality and safety of their loads. Even the company has managed to expand its products due to the success that custom straps provide.

Take the Step: Improve Your Packaging with Custom Straps

Before selecting custom straps, it is necessary to understand the differences between all available elements. Each type offers different benefits, adapted for specific use. Do not hesitate to review our publications to discover everything related to the types of straps.

Besides the traditional ones, there are other categories with custom straps to cover the specific needs of various companies. These particular options include straps with coatings or other treatments designed to withstand extreme conditions.

Definitively, custom straps are an excellent alternative to improve and optimize the handling of loads. Do not hesitate any longer and take the step to enjoy an efficient solution that reduces losses.

The Power of Customization in Your Hands

Straps are a fundamental piece within any business, being the backbone in the processes of efficient packaging. Their proper implementation guarantees the safety and stability of both the merchandise and the workers involved in handling, transit, and storage.

In this sense, custom straps offer secure solutions and efficiency in load support. Thanks to the treatment designed for specific needs, companies ensure that the merchandise will reach its destination in optimal condition.

If you are looking for custom straps for your business, an efficient solution for your packaging needs; you can review our complete catalog of straps, meticulously selected to offer maximum safety and comfort in all your shipments.

At BMS, we are ready to surprise you with solutions that not only meet your needs but also exceed your expectations. What are you waiting for to enjoy the successful results of BMS? Contact us now and start customizing your packaging today!

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