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Packaging is critical in logistics and ensuring product protection. With a competitive market, it’s crucial to utilize packaging that is not only reliable but also resilient, to maintain product integrity during transportation and storage.

At BMS, we pride ourselves on offering an extensive selection of products meticulously designed to cater to these requirements. We’ve got everything from our cardboard edge protectors that protect against vibrations and pressures to the premium strapping ensuring stability and our adaptive chipboard packaging that provides protection.

Characterized by their durability, tensile strength, and versatility for various industries and needs, our products are second to none. Place your trust in our unrivaled expertise and quality for efficient product protection and flawless logistics operations.


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Cardboard Edge Protectors

Unwavering Protection and Strength

Our cardboard edge protectors are essential tools for preserving your products’ integrity. Crafted with precision and made from high-quality cellulose fibers and recycled materials, they epitome dependability and fortitude.

Not only do these protectors shield against vibrations and pressures, but they also strengthen the cargo unit and ward off any potential damages. Additionally, their ability to resist moisture guarantees solidity even in the harshest environments.


Premium Quality Bands for Enhanced Packaging Security

Our straps are constructed with top-tier polypropylene and are celebrated for their remarkable mechanical strength, superior elongation, and ideal strapping tension. These traits make our strapping an outstanding choice for bolstering packaging security.

Capable of reinforcing anything from lightweight cartons to bulky items, our strapping bands reliably secure a broad spectrum of products. With an array of dimensions and thicknesses to address your specific needs, our strapping bands are your go-to option for secure and efficient packaging.


Chipboard Packaging

Assured Protection with Adaptable Chipboard

Our chipboard packaging is the ultimate choice for reliable protection across diverse industries, including automotive, electronics, food, and cosmetics. The chipboard’s slim profile and compactness offer a sturdy base for product packaging, assuring the safety of items during transportation and storage.

Moreover, we offer customization in chipboard weight, enabling various levels of sturdiness and ensuring all-around product protection. The chipboard’s distinctive composition suits it for custom designs, leveraging digital and four-color printing for an appealing presentation.

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