Maximize Profits with Polypropylene Strapping for Packaging

The use of polypropylene strapping is an excellent option when it comes to packing your products and lowering the associated costs.

Maximize Profits with Polypropylene Strapping for Packaging

Polypropylene straps are essential elements for the transportation of goods around the world. These are instruments made to secure those during the transfer effectively. All of this is thanks to its strength and resistance to weather phenomena and blows.

And although some models are more resistant, those made of polypropylene material are especially notable due to their low prices. It makes it possible to reduce packaging costs, which is decisive so that the business people involved can make decisions.

Efficiency and profitability of polypropylene strapping in your business

Polypropylene strapping provides numerous benefits to packing goods. In fact, by applying them, you will optimize your derived earnings thanks to their characteristics and particularities, such as:

●  Versatility. They are excellent for grouping, cordoning off, fixing, and stabilizing merchandise of different kinds.

●  Elongation capacity. They can return to their initial state quickly and fairly reliably, if somewhat slowly.

●  Economic. This type of strapping is the most popular due to its low prices.

Polypropylene strapping has uses in high demand in the market, even though they are not the most resistant. But their great relationship between versatility, price, and quality makes them the favorites of many. It is when comparing them with those of steel and polyester, for example.

Economic advantages of polypropylene strapping

When considering the possibility of using polypropylene strapping, you should consider its low price. Its use lowers costs as long as you consider the following:

  • They should be used generally in light loads.
  • They are highly resistant to heat, ultraviolet rays, humidity, and oxidation.
  • Compared to steel, they tolerate contact with corrosive substances.
  • Thanks to their extraordinary flexibility, unlike polyester, they are light and easy to handle.

These plastic polypropylene elements also have characteristics that allow them to be placed with both manual clamping systems and automatic friction welding. So, your best option is to pack items such as those indicated.

Availability and performance

The market offers several presentations regarding the availability and performance of polypropylene strapping. These particularities will affect the initial cost per unit and its long-term performance. Thus, we can refer to the most common:

●  10 mm (width), 215 meters per kg.

●  13 mm (width), 145 meters per kg.

●  16 mm (width), 108 meters per kg.

In addition, an important fact is that they can be chosen in different colors. They also stand out for requiring fewer adjustments and replacements in the packaging process.

They are placed in coils of changeable measures according to users’ needs. Likewise, they are sealed manually or through automated systems with staples, welds, or buckles, which lowers labor costs.

Improve your profit margin with polypropylene strapping

Business people prefer to use polypropylene strapping thanks to its notable benefits for the production system. These imply greater profitability for business packaging because:

●  They are the lightest and most manageable of all straps.

●  They are resistant and economical.

●  Unbeatable flexibility.

●  They can be sealed manually or with automated systems.

Knowing what polypropylene is, producers of goods prefer it to pack their products. Its practicality of use, flexibility, and security reduce costs and provide greater derived profits.

Reduction of operating costs and increase of productive efficiency

Due to its practicality in holding products, polypropylene strapping simplifies the packaging process. It causes the implicit labor costs to be reduced, and the payments derived from it are reduced. In this way, the profitability of the act in question is optimized.

Customer satisfaction and loyalty

The versatility, efficiency, and safety of polypropylene strapping on merchandise strengthen the relationship between suppliers and customers. The loyal customers benefit from the said act by guaranteeing the inventory arrives in excellent condition.

It allows us to offer better prices in the market.

This type of instrument is quite economical for packing goods. Of course, it affects the final price of the product offered to the customer. So, we can say that polypropylene has ideal characteristics to lower costs, a reality that allows you to compete in the market.

Polypropylene strapping -Your best packaging option

If your merchandise meets the so-called lightweight standards, you should consider polypropylene as the best strapping material to pack it. By using it, you simplify the act of packaging, and with its low costs, you will optimize your profits derived from the process.

However, it is always convenient to seek advice from experts who can help you establish what polypropylene is for. For this reason, we recommend you visit BMS México, where you can obtain your best polypropylene strapping, such as the so-called black BMS.

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