Route to Logistics Efficiency: Cardboard Corners as Allies

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Route to Logistics Efficiency: Cardboard Corners as Allies

Enhancing Protection and Efficiency in Packaging with Cardboard Corners

Cardboard corners are essential for ordering packages on loading pallets. These L-shaped pieces of corrugated cardboard keep multiple packages aligned on pallets. For this reason, stocking up on these will increase logistics efficiency in cargo areas.

One of the significant challenges of freight transport is to avoid damage to the products as much as possible. For this, the boxes must be kept stable and upright. When transporting several boxes on a pallet, cardboard corners are your strategic allies. They cheer because they avoid the movement of the packages and prevent damage to the products.

Benefits of cardboard corners in industrial logistics

Corrugated cardboard corners represent several advantages due to their material and construction. Among them, we can mention the following:

·   Light. Compared to materials such as metal or wood, corrugated cardboard is relatively lightweight, which can reduce the overall weight of the shipment. Using cardboard corners does not significantly increase the weight to be transported.

·   Compact. Cardboard corner posts are solid and can withstand significant loads. This also depends on the number of sheets used in its production and design. There are several options to suit your charging needs.

·   Protect the corners. The cornerbacks will take the hit instead of the boxes and products. This prevents damage and fractures in transport.

·   They prevent movement and give stability. The cardboard corners serve as support for the content on the transport pallets. They prevent movement and can support the weight of other loads to prevent load collapse.

·   Economic. Cardboard corner posts can be more cost-effective than other materials depending on material quality, production process, and location.

·   Flexibility. Its shape and consistency make it easy to use in various packaging environments. They adapt to loads of multiple sizes and dimensions.

These pieces of cardboard are necessary to protect the boxes during loading. The transported materials will be safer with them, reducing the risk of loss due to accidents. In addition, the corner pieces can be reused and meet other needs due to their size, consistency, and shape.

Use corners to optimize cargo spaces

Sustainability and profitability of cardboard corners

Corrugated cardboard is one of the materials that best adapts to recycling processes. Producers can generate other components with the correct percentage of cardboard and other materials. In addition to being an inexpensive material, it is versatile for creating new elements such as boxes, plates, and paper.

Therefore, finding a buyer for the corner pieces that have already completed their packaging cycle will be easy. Their material makes them a valuable input for recycling. On the other hand, the consistency of the corner pieces allows them to produce furniture such as tables, shelves, or sofas.

From this perspective, using corner pieces in the packaging process is a sustainable process. Since its composition and material can be recycled, purchasing a package of corners is a returnable expense. With the right contacts, discarded cornerbacks can find a new use.

Use corners to optimize cargo spaces.

Cardboard corners are ideal tools for optimizing transport space. With them, you can stack more boxes without risking the merchandise transported. They provide stability and increase the resistance of any packaging. For this reason, they are strategic allies in transport logistics processes.

Custom Cardboard Corner Solutions

Suppose you have a company dedicated to the transport and packaging of goods. In that case, you must be looking for corrugated cardboard corners. BMS is a certified producer of corrugated cardboard in Mexico. The cardboard corners are among the products offered as other necessary elements for industrial packaging and packaging.

BMS uses the best materials and processes to produce cardboard elements according to your logistics needs. In addition, they will advise you to establish the best logistics strategy for your production cycle.

Do not hesitate to contact BMS if you want an ally that works with cardboard and has experience optimizing production and transport processes.

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