Why Choose Chipboard Over Cardboard?

Paperboard vs. Cardboard: Exploring the Advantages of Paperboard in Industrial Packaging. From its Versatility to its Contribution to Sustainability.

Why Choose Chipboard Over Cardboard?

Cardboard is a ubiquitous element in our surroundings, even if we don’t notice it. Various types of packaging are crafted from cardboard. However, what many may not know is that there are numerous distinct types of cardboard, and distinguishing them is not always straightforward. Speaking of cardboard is not the same as talking about cartoncillo.

Cartoncillo, also known as folding, is a type of thin and smoothed cardboard commonly used in product packaging, especially for food or cosmetic products. Its design allows for a better finish and customization of the required packaging type.

The use of cartoncillo has a wide range of variations and applications. If you haven’t heard of it before, keep reading to discover what it’s all about. You’ll learn about the advantages of cartoncillo over cardboard and the primary use of cartoncillo in the industry.

Cartoncillo vs. Cardboard: Key Differences and Applications

We often refer to cardboard as pulp pressed under hot conditions, resulting in thick sheets. The quality of this pulp, whether fresh or recycled, determines the quality of the cardboard. And based on this variety, their uses are determined.

The common cardboard we see in boxes is corrugated cardboard. It consists of three or more sheets, two “covers,” and a corrugation in the middle, providing stiffness and strength. It is a much sturdier material than cartoncillo and is mainly used for industrial packaging.

When comparing cartoncillo vs. cardboard, specific characteristics of each must be considered first. This way, you will know the main advantages of cartoncillo. We’ve already seen what cardboard is; now let’s detail the advantages of using cartoncillo in the industry:

  • Cartoncillo’s strength, as mentioned, is less than cardboard, but it is also intended for a different use, not for transporting very heavy products but rather smaller items.
  • It allows for better printing of designs, giving industrial packaging cartoncillo a unique versatility, providing a delicate finish that enhances brand value due to its visual appeal.
  • Its texture is flat and smooth, and it comes in a wide range of colors.

Use Cases: Cartoncillo in the Industry

We cannot definitively assert that one type of cardboard is better than another. Each product type or project requires support from different materials with different qualities.

As mentioned earlier, there are various and varied uses of cartoncillo in the industry, and below are some of the most prominent:

  • Stationery items
  • Cards
  • Package design
  • Internal separators for creating subdivisions in boxes

It’s worth noting that separators perform important and useful functions, such as providing stability in box packaging by allowing better distribution of products inside. Additionally, it provides greater protection to the packaged items. Hence, the use of cartoncillo in industrial packaging is essential.

On the other hand, it is important to highlight that using cartoncillo means considerable savings in large-scale packaging. By leveraging the advantages of cartoncillo for subdivisions, you can save on the number of boxes to be used. This represents a significant advantage, allowing you to offer customers a better price on the final product.

Sustainability and the Environment

Another benefit of using cartoncillo in the industry is the sustainability of its production and the low impact it has on environmental care. Since it can be manufactured from recycled material, cartoncillo represents one of the best sustainable packaging alternatives. This is crucial for both saving and environmental care.

Assessing the environmental impact of a particular product involves various variables and processes. It must consider the manufacturing of the product from the raw material extraction to the end of its useful life. Many products, like cartoncillo, can be reused rather than discarded.

This is another advantage of cartoncillo, as it is made from 100% organic materials, representing a truly sustainable and low environmental impact option in the packaging industry. It can be recycled up to 5 times and is completely biodegradable.

For this reason, it can be confidently stated that cartoncillo made from recycled paper is considerably more energy-efficient. It has been proven to require less than 70% of the energy normally needed for manufacturing a product from new raw materials.

Considerations When Choosing Suppliers

When the time comes (once the decision to use this versatile and eco-friendly material has been made) tobuy cartoncillo, certain fundamental factors must be considered. It’s crucial to know where to buy it, how to choose the best cartoncillo suppliers, and last but not least, understand cartoncillo prices.

It is essential to ensure that the supplier provides quality material, adheres to industrial packaging cartoncillo production standards, and that its manufacturing does not have an excessively high environmental impact. As mentioned earlier, there is no issue with using recycled material.

Another factor to consider is the weight of the cartoncillo; its thickness can vary, so you can find the right one for any use it is intended for. Also, don’t forget to consider the color; choose the one that best suits your brand to achieve an attractive and sophisticated presentation.

Maximize the Advantages of Cartoncillo over Cardboard

Now that you know the differences between cardboard vs. cartoncillo, you understand that you can rely on this material for various functions and uses. You can create your product’s packaging elegantly or use it to subdivide products within boxes to optimize space usage.

There are numerous advantages of using cartoncillo in the industry. Don’t wait any longer and decide to experience them!

Choose Cartoncillo BMS for Sustainable and Elegant Packaging

Discover the advantages of cartoncillo over traditional cardboard with BMS, your ally in sustainable packaging solutions. Cartoncillo stands out for its versatility in various applications, from stationery items and package design to efficient subdivisions in boxes, providing optimal protection with a touch of sophistication. Additionally, its biodegradable and recyclable nature makes it an excellent choice for companies committed to sustainability and environmental care.

At BMS, we offer custom cartoncillo packaging that not only ensures safety and durability but also the possibility to enhance your brand with attractive designs and high-quality finishes. Contact BMS today to explore how our cartoncillo can revolutionize your product packaging, focusing on both logistical efficiency and environmental responsibility. Choose BMS for your packaging solutions, where functionality meets sustainability. Transform your packaging with us and stand out in the market!

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