Supply Chain Success: Optimal Strapping Solutions

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Supply Chain Success: Optimal Strapping Solutions

Optimal Strapping Solutions for Your Company

The supply chain plays a critical role in the success of any business by ensuring an efficient flow of products from sourcing raw materials to delivery to the customer.

In this context, paying attention to the proper handling and packaging of products is essential since they play a significant role in the processes that make up the supply chain. These processes guarantee the products’ integrity during transport and protect them against possible damage or setbacks.

This article will focus on an essential element to achieve such protection: strapping. We will fully explore the relevance of strapping in the supply chain and guide you to help you select the best option for your company, considering your specific requirements.

Importance of the correct handling and packaging of products in the supply chain

The importance of correctly handling and packaging products in the supply chain must be considered. Adequate protection of products is essential to safeguard their integrity during transport and guarantee customer satisfaction.

Poor packaging can lead to significant damage and product loss, negatively impacting a company’s profitability. From minor dents to irreparable breaks, the possible injuries are diverse and can result in total product loss.

In addition, improper handling can cause delivery delays and generate additional costs, affecting market competitiveness. Companies must pay special attention to their products’ correct handling and packaging in this context. For this, it is necessary to use quality strapping that meets the requirements to ensure the integrity of the load. But what exactly is meant by “strapping”?

How to avoid damage and loss to your products during transportation? Discover the crucial role of strapping

The plastic strapping industry has presented us with a valuable solution for packaging systems. Strapping is a tape made of different materials, such as polypropylene, steel, polyester, and PET, used to hold and secure products in packages and containers.

These materials offer different levels of resistance and specific characteristics according to the needs of each application. Polypropylene strapping is commonly used for light loads, while steel strapping provides high strength for heavy loads. On the other hand, polyester and PET strapping offer a combination of strength and flexibility, suitable for various applications.

These straps are applied around the products and tightened by special machines or tools to effectively secure them and prevent movement or damage during transport and storage.

What benefits does strapping offer?

·       Outstanding strength and durability. They can withstand great weights and stresses, ensuring the products are firmly supported during transport.

·       Greater security in the packaging. They reduce the chances of products slipping or shifting during transport.

·       They are very versatile and practical. Strapping can be used on different types of products, from boxes and packages to large containers. They can also be adjusted to accommodate different sizes and shapes of products.

·       Easy to use and apply. Strapping saves time and costs in the packaging process.

How strapping is essential for maintaining efficiency in the supply chain

Proper use of strapping significantly reduces product damage and loss; it contributes to profitability and customer satisfaction. In addition, it optimizes the packaging operation, which translates into time and cost savings for the company.

There are examples of companies that have experienced significant improvements after implementing the use of strapping. Distributors of consumer electronics products worldwide have implemented strapping in their shipments to reduce damage and loss of products during transport.

In this way, they have reduced the number of claims for product damage and substantially improved their reputation in this highly competitive market. Many other companies from different sectors have used strapping to secure the cargo inside the containers to avoid movements during the transfer and have significantly improved the quality of the delivery service.


We know how important it is for companies to choose the proper straps for their specific products and needs; Polypropylene strapping is a popular and practical choice for most products. By selecting the right polypropylene strapping, companies can optimize the packaging operation. In addition, they can reduce the damage and loss of products during transport.

Plastic packaging strapping can make all the difference in the overall success of your supply chain. By choosing the right strapping, companies can ensure the integrity of their products during transportation; they will also be able to improve the efficiency and profitability of the packaging operation and increase customer satisfaction.

If you are interested in more information on strapping and packaging, please get in touch with us at BMS. Our team of experts will be happy to help you choose the right strap for your specific needs. Contact us today!

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