Polypropylene Strapping Benefits: Cost Reduction & Packaging Efficiency

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Polypropylene Strapping Benefits: Cost Reduction & Packaging Efficiency

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The use of polypropylene strapping has become quite widespread thanks to its versatility, safety, and economy. It is an integral part of the packaging in the industrial world, essential when transporting goods.

Despite the limitations of the continuous use of the material, it continues to innovate and improve. The objective is to carry a safe load, saving costs and increasing efficiency in companies.

Challenges to overcome with polypropylene strapping

Some problems sometimes need to be fixed on the significant savings that polypropylene strapping represents. In the case of Mexico, certain factors hinder logistics and, therefore, make it impossible to maximize resources. For example:

●      Infrastructure deficiencies. Deterioration in warehouses and equipment.

●      Incompetence in human resources. Lack of expertise in the use of resources.

●      Excess inventories. More merchandise in stock than ordered.

●      High bureaucracy. Too many steps in administrative processes.

●      Insecure, scarce, and obsolete transport. Few old trucks.

●      Lack of technological adaptation. Outdated equipment.

All this affects in such a way that the product price takes up to 30% of the logistics cost, according to a study commissioned by Establish. In fact, Mexico ranks 54th in the World Bank’s logistics performance ranking, according to thelogisticworld.com.

One of the first steps is to prepare a safe load that arrives at its destination in optimal conditions. So why should you strap merchandise?

●      You save time. With good polypropylene strapping, using the appropriate system, it takes a few seconds to pack your merchandise efficiently.

●      Reduce costs. Polypropylene strapping is the most economical form of packaging.

●      Increases security. You avoid accidents in the logistics journey, ensuring the merchandise arrives safely at the customer’s destination.

Polypropylene strapping manufacturers in Mexico continue to improve to deliver durable and efficient products.

Why polypropylene strapping is better

Strapping is the special tape for professional industrial packaging. The most widely used are polypropylene strapping due to its economy and resistance. There are two types, and their use will depend on the mode of transport, weight, and load size.

Made of polypropylene

Its raw material is polymer, it is also called plastic strapping, and it is used to fix and stabilize loads. Its main advantage is elongation since it quickly returns to its initial state.

It is very versatile, has a meager cost, and with numerous applications, hence its popularity in the industry. A quality polypropylene strapping should have the following:

●  Good level of tension. Little wear.

●  High resistance. It is ideal for packing light loads and pallets.

Of polyester

They are also called PET, with less elongation but more rigid, maintaining tension for longer. They come to be an option as far as plastic strapping is concerned. They behave better at high temperatures and before the sun’s rays.

Compared to steel strapping, it is easier to handle and highly recyclable. They are the alternative for those who use steel strapping when they are clear about the width, the thickness index, and the resistance.

1/2 polypropylene strapping in Mexico, the most widely used, costs about $577, including VAT, in 1,200-meter rolls (thoro.com.mx). While in the US, depending on the caliber, they can cost $619 for a registration of 980 meters (amazon.com). As for the PETs, they are in the order of $2,750, the same presentation. Do you see the difference?

Lightness and flexibility of polypropylene strapping

Today, a plastic strapping factory is working furiously due to high demand. Thanks to the lightness and flexibility of the material, two common problems are solved in the packaging operation:

●      Group quickly.

●      Reinforce various types of containers and pallets.

A key advantage is that the strap easily conforms no matter the girth to be wrapped. Let’s see what other applications it has and why it saves much cost.

●      Securely close cardboard boxes and different types of packages.

●      The products are well compacted and grouped.

●      The individual pieces are correctly joined, facilitating handling.

●      Prevents pallets from collapsing.

●      Fix the loads on the pallet in such a way that they do not slide.

●      Safe sealing of containers.

These advantages result in saving time and costs.

Strapping Benefits

Polypropylene strapping factories can provide a product that improves the image of your company. Poor strapping can cause damage to the product, transport, and personnel; on the contrary, it facilitates handling.

Polypropylene is sustainable: you only use necessary materials, generating less waste. It is used in all industries since it does not damage cardboard boxes. Something very relevant because it allows them to be reused, which implies significant savings in packaging products.

Look for efficiency

Polypropylene strapping stands out for its ease of handling and the correct securing of loads. Its low cost allows you significant savings on packaging and using only what is necessary. This way, you generate minimal waste and contribute to environmental care.

At BMS, we have a strapping solution for different types of industries. We manufacture 100% recyclable products with high quality and cutting-edge technology. Contact us!

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