Protect and stabilize your heavy shipments with cardboard corners

Protect and optimize heavy shipments with durable cardboard corners. Reduce costs and ensure secure transport.

Protect and stabilize your heavy shipments with cardboard corners

The use of cardboard corners is necessary for the protection of industrial shipments. Mobilizing heavy goods safely is a challenge for companies transporting this type of goods.

All merchandise needs protection during mobilization, especially if it is heavy objects. By using cardboard corners, you protect your item. You even minimize packaging costs thanks to the reduction of product damage. It must be remembered that many transport companies charge according to the dimensions of the box and its estimated weight.

Added to the above are the delays that occur while the merchandise is released and customs conduct the inspection. For all of the above, using resistant cardboard corners is the solution to reduce costs and secure the merchandise. If you want to know more about the subject, continue reading our article!

Cardboard corners in the shipping protection

Heavy-duty cardboard corner posts improve safety in industrial shipments. Generally, the pallets are subjected to sudden movements due to braking, change of direction, and vibration during transport. However, using this material ensures that the load moves evenly in the face of such movements.

The resistance of this type of cardboard is related to the fiber used for its manufacture. It has superimposed layers that increase its thickness and, therefore, its resistance. The corner pieces are designed with a rigid angle that reinforces and protects the load from stresses and vibrations.

Among the most notorious characteristics of these sustainable cardboard corners are the following:

·   It helps in the distribution of forces.

·   It allows pallets to be stored and transported at a higher height, which implies greater space optimization in industrial shipments.

·       Decreasing the rate of losses due to accidents due to the protection of products during transport.

·       It improves security in industrial shipments.

Finally, they reduce the total weight of the packaging without causing deformations in the products and provide greater rigidity in loading tasks. In addition, they protect the edge of the packages and stabilize the merchandise.

Los esquineros de cartón en la protección de envíos

Custom BMS solutions for the industry

You can use the cardboard corners that BMS has to secure the corners of your pallet. It will prevent your merchandise from slipping during transport. They are particularly effective if your products have sharp corners or are fragile, such as mirrors, glass, and porcelain.

BMS cardboard corners are resistant to compression and help distribute the load they offer. They are manufactured under strict quality controls, with first-class raw materials. In addition, they come in various sizes to adapt them to your company’s needs. They can even be custom-made.

The material of the corner pieces is resistant to moisture. For this reason, they withstand extreme conditions without their original qualities being affected.

Cardboard corners are your best ally!

Cardboard corners are ideal for protecting your products during packaging and transport. Among its benefits is reducing damage caused by mechanical vibrations, humidity, and blows in the corners.

They have a design that allows the tension exerted by the packaging films to be distributed. It increases the stability of the stowed cargo package and reduces costs by reducing damage.

Why should you choose BMS cardboard corner posts? Simple! Because our corner pieces are made in such a way that they minimize mechanical vibrations during transport and avoid deformation of the product. It even helps distribute the tensioning forces in the load, stabilizing the pallets during their transfer and storage.

You will also get reduced shipping costs. Do not stay without protecting your merchandise. At BMS, we are here to serve you. So please get in touch with us immediately. 

Protect your inventory with the cardboard corners that we offer you at BMS. We will also advise finding the cardboard corner that best suits your needs.

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