Industrial Packaging Guide: Optimizing Protection

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Industrial Packaging Guide: Optimizing Protection

Strategies for Enhanced Product Safety and Security

When considering industrial packaging to protect our products, we envision diverse materials. However, proper packaging can make all the difference to protect our products from damage.

Let’s highlight that the selection of packaging goes beyond the protection of products since there are more details to evaluate; These include costs and the presentation of the packaging to be used, so how can we choose the right packaging?

This guide was born with that purpose: choosing the right packaging for our products without sacrificing other relevant packaging details. So, we will analyze how industries can informedly decide the type of packaging necessary for their products.

Assessment of product and environmental requirements

The packaging requirements for the product we need to pack are relevant aspects that deserve our full attention; From these details, we can define what our product needs to reach the final consumer safely and soundly.

One of these aspects is the characterization of our product or the state in which we intend to pack it. It is relevant if storage and transport conditions may escape our handling (e.g., temperature, humidity, etc.)

A product may be solid but can be damaged if it needs to be more stable when packed. It can also happen if our product is liquid or gaseous; Likewise, in addition to the physical state, the product’s value is another notable detail within its characteristics.

Another distinctive aspect of the packaging for our products is how we will handle it until the final consumer. Should we carry a few products together or stack too many? Do we have to load and unload the product many times to the point of suffering some damage due to mishandling?

However, the packaging requirements are wider than the products they will contain. The regulations point to sustainability in industrial packaging as environmental awareness grows in this era; therefore, knowing what will happen to the packaging once the products are delivered is important.

Types of industrial packaging and their benefits

Taking into account the requirements that we can face in packaging, let’s analyze the types of packaging for the industry. These are designed to give adequate conditioning to the product based on its handling and final disposal.

On the one hand, we have the primary packaging, which will protect and store our product. These packages can be very diverse, going through cans, bottles, bags, boxes, etc. Everything that can come into direct contact with your product is included in this packaging.

Then we have the secondary packaging. Within these are cardboard boxes for industrial packaging, which group the primary packaging. It is imperative to guarantee the correct transport of said merchandise; That is why cardboard is an excellent packaging option due to its strength and stability.

Within these secondary packaging, we also have plastic containers for industrial packaging. These containers can transport delicate products that must be compacted to minimize damage.

Types of industrial packaging and their benefits

BMS Industrial Packaging Solutions

Considering the logistical efficiency in the industrial packaging that must be managed, we provide adequate solutions for your products at BMS. Our broad portfolio of manufacturing and distribution of packaging and packaging products provides industrial packaging quality to our customers.

You will find polypropylene strapping within our catalog, which gives additional resistance to any secondary packaging. It should be noted that this product is made from recycled material, which provides sustainability in industrial packaging.

We also have cardboard corners and packaging, which can be useful for any packaging. In the case of corner pieces, these can be very useful to protect the edges of our products from blows; In addition, they offer better stability to the packed elements.

Regarding cardboard packaging, these are ideal for use as primary packaging thanks to their design. They have a compact design, but at the same time slim, which can facilitate packing any product weight. It is very advantageous if, for example, we want to use it with food or small parts.

It is important to remember that we customize industrial packaging for our clients for any of the products we offer. We know how important it is for each user to show their brand to the public, so we offer this service based on the end user’s particular needs.

Better insight-based packaging decisions

Industrial packaging storage and transportation requirements are important aspects of protecting our products from damage. It is important to understand that each product has its need based on its composition; The presentation of industrial products is not a matter to be taken lightly.

Weight, volume, size, and stability must be analyzed to make informed industrial packaging decisions. It is also important to consult the types of packaging and the efficiency they can offer during packaging/transportation.

These reasons lead us to extend an invitation to all our readers so that they know our offer. The best industrial packaging practices that we can offer at BMS are our hallmark, Hence, our commitment to providing proactive solutions to the needs of our clients and their final consumers.

We generate optimization of product protection through articles such as polypropylene strapping, cardboard corners, and cardboard packaging. Each of these products has experience in industrial packaging that guarantees the well-being of the packed products.

Contact us to guarantee you and your company a high-quality standard, taking industrial packaging regulations as a reference. That compliance in industrial packaging is not a headache when offering your products; with us, your articles and customers are more than insured.

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