Industrial Cost Reduction: How the Use of Cardboard Corners Can Help Cut Your Expenses on Damages

How to Reduce Costs in Logistics and Transportation? Discover the Key Role of Cardboard Corners. Lightweight, customizable, and efficient, these elements protect your products and contribute to damage reduction.

Industrial Cost Reduction: How the Use of Cardboard Corners Can Help Cut Your Expenses on Damages

Cardboard corners are an essential component in product packaging within the logistics and transportation sector. Their role in preventing damage during packaging is crucial, as they prove highly effective in ensuring integrity during transportation until the delivery destination is reached.

  • They have minimal environmental impact.
  • They can be customized according to required measurements, gauge, and printing.
  • They are lightweight and less dense than other packaging materials.
  • They can be reused and transformed through a simple and economical recycling process.
  • They are biodegradable, generating no toxic or polluting waste at the end of their life cycle.

Cardboard corners are an ecological, economical, and versatile option for product packaging. In the end, they prove to be an excellent means to reduce business costs and enhance reputation and commitment to sustainability.

Importance of Cost Reduction in the Industry

Within the logistics and transportation sector, cost reduction is vital for competitiveness and operational feasibility. For this industry, achieving cost optimization reflects in:

  • Increased profit margins for products and/or services offered.
  • Improved efficiency and operational productivity.
  • Optimized use of available resources (space, fuel, personnel, packaging, etc.).
  • Reduced environmental impact of activities.
  • Greater adaptability to market dynamics.

In the end, all these factors contribute to a comprehensive improvement of the organization, enhancing its productivity. This is not merely theoretical but has translated into positive results within organizational finances.

How Cardboard Corners Reduce Damage

Cardboard corners are pieces placed on the corners of products to protect them during the packaging and transportation process. Their use helps prevent damage caused by various factors such as:

  • Mechanical movements. They absorb movements generated during transportation, especially on roads or in loading media, preventing products from shifting or colliding, avoiding deformations or breakages.
  • Loss of structural support. They strengthen the structure of cardboard boxes, preventing the loss of support due to moisture or weight. This prevents boxes from collapsing or sinking, preserving product quality.
  • Corners hitting. They safeguard the corners of products, the most exposed parts to impacts during handling or storage. Thus, they prevent products from scraping, cracking, or breaking due to impact.
  • Strap tension. They distribute the tension exerted by straps, ties, or plastic films used to secure the load. This prevents products from deforming or getting damaged due to excessive pressure.

In summary, cardboard corners are a packaging solution that prevents product damage, providing greater protection, stability, and resistance. This translates into cost savings, improved image, and increased customer satisfaction.

Cost-Benefit Analysis

Regarding the benefits of cardboard corners compared to costs, it suffices to economically evaluate their impact on overall product integrity. Their positive effect on finances is supported by statistical data on their functionality, such as:

  • They reduce 30% of damages caused by transport and handling, resulting in cost savings and improved customer satisfaction.
  • They increase stacking resistance of cardboard boxes by up to 40%, optimizing space and product transportation.
  • They decrease the use of additional packaging materials by 50%, such as plastic or polystyrene, contributing to environmental sustainability and waste reduction.

Whether for this operational element or any other specific point, any method or strategy aimed at operational optimization and cost reduction is crucial today.

Use Cases in the Industry

Cardboard corners are widely used in different industries based on the type, size, and material of the transported products. Some regular industries using these elements include:

  • Food: Prevents food products from being crushed, contaminated, or damaged.
  • Electronics: Prevents scratching, breaking, or damaging of products.
  • Furniture: Avoids merchandise from being hit, chipped, or deformed during transport.
  • Ceramics: Effective for preventing fragile goods from breaking, cracking, or chipping.
  • Glass: Protects against breakage, chipping, or scratching of glass products.
  • Automotive: Safeguards parts and accessories from dents and general damage.
  • Logistics: Maintains product integrity during transport in containers, pallets, or trucks.

Interesting, isn’t it? Indeed, their use has become indispensable across the logistics and transportation sector.

Choosing suitable suppliers and products

When it comes to choosing the right suppliers, be it for cardboard corners or other similar products, the following tips should be considered:

  • Evaluate quality based on the type, size, gauge, and finish required.
  • Compare prices for a good price-quality ratio, negotiating payment conditions and discounts.
  • Verify delivery times to ensure agreed-upon timelines are met and sufficient stock is available.
  • Ask about flexibility, assessing their ability to adapt to the needs and demands of the company.
  • Of course, it is essential to investigate the reputation and experience of the supplier. This involves requesting references, quality certificates, and guarantees.

Packaging Optimization: A Fundamental Strategy for Logistics and Transportation

To reduce industrial costs in the logistics and transportation sector, optimizing packaging down to the smallest detail is essential. As we have mentioned, effective packaging protects the product, reduces waste, and transportation expenses.

Cardboard corners are effective elements for protecting your products. Dare to use them to firsthand experience their positive impact on your operations.

Reduce Industrial Costs with BMS Cardboard Corners

BMS cardboard corners represent a strategic and economical solution to minimize expenses due to logistics and transportation damage. Their innovative and efficient design is crucial for preventing damage during shipping, ensuring product integrity until reaching the final destination. These corners are not only lightweight and less dense than other packaging materials but also stand out for their minimal environmental impact, being reusable, recyclable, and biodegradable.

The use of cardboard corners is an essential cost reduction strategy within the logistics industry. These elements not only optimize operational efficiency and resource utilization but also significantly contribute to the reduction of environmental impact and improvement of corporate reputation regarding commitment to sustainability.

BMS cardboard corners are effective in absorbing mechanical movements and distributing strapping tension, thus protecting product corners from potential damage. By strengthening the structure of cardboard boxes and preventing deformations or breakages, BMS corners ensure superior protection and significant reduction in packaging and damage costs.

Cost-Benefit Analysis with BMS cardboard corners shows they reduce damage during transport by up to 30%, increase stacking resistance, and decrease the use of additional packaging materials. This sustainable and efficient approach is ideal for various industries such as food, electronics, furniture, ceramics, glass, and automotive, offering optimal protection during product transportation and storage.

Choose BMS for your packaging solutions and contact us to get cardboard corners that not only protect your products but also help you reduce costs and promote sustainable practices. With BMS, take a step towards logistic optimization and environmental responsibility!

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