Empowering Industrial Packaging with Cardboard Advantages

Discover the benefits of cardboard in industrial packaging. Sustainability and protection for your products. Optimize your packaging now!

Empowering Industrial Packaging with Cardboard Advantages

Enhancing Protection and Sustainability in Shipping

When we refer to the issue of industrial packaging, little do we imagine its importance in the operations that industries manage. The industrial packaging market has seen a considerable increase around the world. It is reflected in market statistics at an economic level,

So where would industries be if their products were delivered differently? What if the packaging where the products are transported is inadequate so that they are protected and do not suffer damage? These questions make us think about the relevance of industrial packaging.

We want to highlight the cardboard in the packaging among so many materials that could be useful to pack products. This material offers so many benefits to industries that we should pay attention to it. Let’s review the qualities of it.

Key benefits of cardboard in industrial packaging

To better understand the advantages of cardboard in packaging, let’s first look at the physical characteristics of the material. This product belongs to the paper family since it is formed using several layers; the fibers that make up these layers can come from recycled paper, wood, or other vegetable fibers.

Thus, the composition of the cardboard, derived from the quality of the fibers used in its construction, is vital for protecting products; the method for constructing the carton is designed to ensure the integrity of the products, whether during transport or storage.

Corrugated cardboard is among the types of cardboard that can give excellent protection. This material is sufficiently resistant to environmental conditions that affect packaged products, such as humidity. Another advantage of corrugated cardboard is its flexibility, which makes it adaptable to all kinds of products.

The presentation of products in the industry is an essential factor in positively impacting the consumer. In this sense, cardboard makes printing or adhering signs and other identification signs easy. Just as it can be very thick, cardboard can also be fragile, leading to logistical efficiency; it is a living example of this premise.

Along with cardboard and cardboard, we have a thin, flexible, and lightweight material that offers excellent protection. In addition, its outer layer is varnished to give it more excellent protection against grease and humidity. It is why it is the most used material to pack food.

Sustainability and environmental responsibility with cardboard

We have talked a little about the adaptability of cardboard in industrial packaging and how beneficial it is for companies. However, it is also essential to talk about the sustainability of the cardboard in the packaging since the environment deserves it. Today it is a challenge for the industry to manage environmental protection criteria.

Among the many materials that can be used for packaging, cardboard is one of the most ecological. By fulfilling its purpose as packaging, it is not discarded or sent to the trash; it can be reused for multiple purposes. For example, it is recycled to be used in construction.

The use of cardboard in packaging and packaging is by environmental regulations in industrial packaging. Much is said about companies’ high incidence of carbon emissions; These emissions are minimized by implementing cardboard and ensuring recycling or reuse. In addition, cardboard is a 100% biodegradable material.

As can be seen, the advantages of using cardboard in packaging include a positive corporate image. Undeniably, consumers have increased environmental awareness and demand environmental commitment from industries.

Sustainability and environmental responsibility with cardboard

Packing for the future

We have seen the advantages that the use of cardboard offers both to industries and to the environment. We saw cardboard’s excellent packaging properties, favoring handling and transporting inputs and products.

Its resistance to damage and external factors such as humidity make cardboard the ideal material to protect any packaged product. Packaging cardboard offers high protection and savings since it can be recycled. In addition, it facilitates the printing of labels to identify both the brand and the packaged product.

Added to the above, we have the logistical efficiency that cardboard provides when transporting products. This material optimizes industrial packaging; for example, it allows boxes to be stacked on boxes without compromising the integrity of the products.

Let’s remember the qualities that make cardboard a sustainable material. It is 100% biodegradable and can be recycled without losing its properties. Being a reusable material, it generates minimal waste production. Current environmental regulations point to the continued implementation of cardboard, as it reduces carbon emissions.

BMS and its commitment to cardboard as industrial packaging

Can you get lost among the many options on the market to use packaging cardboard? Do you want to comply with all industry regulations, but will it create additional costs within your operations? Do not worry because, at BMS, your concerns are our interest.

We invite you to use cardboard’s multiple functionalities within your operations. At BMS, we are interested in complying with all current regulations while providing quality elements for our clients. We offer you variety, quality, and savings.

We have in our catalog cardboard corners handy to protect your products during transportation and storage. We also have cardboard packaging, a thinner and lighter variety of cardboard. The boxes of this material have a finish that offers a better presentation of your products.

We want to highlight that all our products are made from recycled elements; It is our commitment to the planet. Feel free to contact us to discover all the packaging solutions we have for you. Customize your products with us and optimize your industrial packaging today.

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