5 Reasons to Use Cardboard Corners in Your Packaging

Protect your products with cardboard corners: improve logistical efficiency, reduce damages, respect the environment, and save costs.

5 Reasons to Use Cardboard Corners in Your Packaging

Have you ever heard of cardboard corners? These simple additions offer many advantages in the field of product packaging. In this article, we will present five reasons why you should consider using them.

Before delving into the subject, it’s worth defining what cardboard corners are. In simple terms, they are angular pieces that reinforce the interior of boxes. Additionally, they can be placed on the outside, acting as support on pallets. They are typically made of reinforced paper to ensure that packaged items do not suffer damage.

Cardboard corners prevent deformations in boxes that can lead to merchandise collapse. They also provide additional support to distribute weight, resulting in increased stacking capacity. Furthermore, they facilitate the stacking of products so that they do not slide or move during transportation.

Enhanced Product Protection

We have explained what cardboard corners are and their purpose. Now, let’s list the advantages of implementing these pieces in packaging processes.

The first benefit to consider is product protection. As mentioned earlier, cardboard corners shield packaged products from damage. This is possible because these additions prevent packages from deforming or collapsing when strapped or wrapped. Such incidents could lead to financial losses.

Moreover, cardboard corners internally reinforce boxes and externally fortify pallets for stability. They become additional support for stacked items, enhancing their load-bearing capacity. This not only protects the stacked load but also helps it resist oscillations and vibrations.

All these features make cardboard corners the ideal resources for protecting various goods, ranging from furniture and appliances to food and pharmaceutical products, and even electronic devices.

Increased Efficiency in Logistics

You might wonder why use corners in logistics. Implementing cardboard corners in packaging processes undoubtedly positively impacts a company’s logistics efficiency. This consideration takes into account all the benefits they bring to transportation and storage. Here are some of them:

  • Cardboard corners ensure a unitary packaging that helps support the load during transport to the destination.
  • They contribute to a better distribution of tension forces and the natural arrangement of boxes.
  • They also increase the support strength of boxes when placed in the corners of pallets at an appropriate position and height.
  • They improve efficiency in storage spaces.
  • They allow space savings, making it easier to stack one pallet on top of another.

As you can see, there are several advantages to using cardboard corners. These simple instruments significantly optimize the logistics, transportation, and storage processes for companies in this sector of the economy.

Sustainability and Environmental Responsibility

Cardboard corners, or cornerboard as known in English, are also a sustainable and environmentally friendly alternative. They have a reduced carbon footprint, considering they are made from recyclable material like cardboard, derived from sustainable sources such as trees and plants.

These characteristics contribute to a smaller environmental impact compared to other packaging materials like metal and plastic. Additionally, they can be reused through a cost-effective, simple process that requires minimal energy.

Another advantage of cardboard corners is that their transportation requires much less energy than other packaging materials due to their low weight and density. Moreover, these accessories are biodegradable. All these attributes lead to the conclusion that cardboard corners represent the best sustainability option in packaging.

Adaptability and Versatility

In addition to their ecological impact, cardboard corners are also characterized by their versatility. This property allows them to meet the requirements of different products and types of packaging. Different types of corners can be identified:

  • Standard corners, placed at the product’s corners to protect them during transportation.
  • Reinforced corners designed for greater strength, considered suitable for heavy-duty loads.
  • Hinged corners, ideal for irregularly shaped items or those requiring more flexibility.
  • U-shaped corners, used to protect cylindrical or round products.

Likewise, cardboard corners can be combined with other packaging elements mentioned earlier: strapping and stretch film. This combination enhances the level of product protection during transportation.

We can define strapping as a highly resistant and flexible protective material. It is wrapped around boxes or packages, tightened with a tensioner and buckle. The combined use of corners and strapping minimizes the effects of tension on the corners.

Stretch film, on the other hand, is an elastic and durable material used to wrap products. It forms a protective layer that keeps the items in place. The action of corners prevents products from being damaged due to the friction of the stretch film.

Cost-Effectiveness and Damage Reduction

Due to their ability to prevent damage to products and packaging, corners are a great long-term investment. Additionally, due to their low weight and practicality, they are considered a very affordable and accessible alternative.

For all these reasons, we encourage you to purchase cardboard corners. To give you an idea of cardboard corner prices, on platforms like Amazon, you can find them for around $285 Mexican pesos. Considering the high level of protection these items offer, this cost is quite reasonable.

Cardboard Corners: Guaranteed Protection at a Low Cost

We hope that this post has clarified the numerous benefits of cardboard corners for you. They are inexpensive, environmentally friendly, and easy to handle materials that will ensure the protection of your packaging and goods.

If you want to learn more, we invite you to visit our website. This way, you will stay informed about the benefits of industrial packaging that will undoubtedly revolutionize your daily life.

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