Polypropylene Straps

We manufacture durable and resistant strapping bands that will provide you with the necessary confidence to protect your packages during transportation. Our polypropylene strapping bands are the ideal solution to keep your shipments safe and in perfect condition.



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High-Quality Tape for Secure Packaging

The BMS Black Strapping is a tape or strapping band made from high-quality recycled polypropylene (PP), explicitly engineered for use in manual, semi-automatic, and automatic strapping machines.

This product boasts exceptional mechanical strength, impressive elongation, and optimal strapping tension. With BMS Black Strapping, you can secure and stabilize the packaging of a range of products, from lightweight boxes to heavy objects.

The hallmark feature of this tape is its remarkable tensile strength. Through an extrusion process of polypropylene, black pigments, and other additives are integrated, giving it a distinctive color and heightened strength. Additionally, recyclable materials are employed during manufacturing, making BMS Black Strapping a wholly eco-friendly product.

Embrace the Advantages

Uncompromised Safety

Dramatically reduce workplace hazards with a strapping solution that prioritizes the safety of personnel through the prevention of cuts and injuries.

Cost Efficiency

A more economical profile than metal strapping means significant cost savings on packaging materials.


The lightweight and flexible nature of BMS Black Strapping ensures ease of handling and application across diverse contexts.


Engineered with manual, semi-automatic, and polypropylene sealing equipment.

Robust and Durable

Exceptional mechanical strength and superior elongation properties ensure secure and dependable strapping.


High-Caliber Performance

Exemplary in securing various products, regardless of weight.


Produced using sustainable, high-grade recycled materials.

Secure your products efficiently and reliably with our polypropylene strapping

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Perfectly Suited For

Cardboard Boxes

Ensure the stability of cardboard boxes in various sizes and strengths.

Wood Blocks

Secure wood blocks reliably during transit and storage.

Paper Rolls

Maintain the integrity of paper rolls, safeguarding against unrolling and damage.

Brochure Bundles

Keep brochure bundles tightly bound and well-protected.

Books & Magazines

Preserve the condition of books and magazines during handling and shipping.

Plastic Tubes

Secure plastic tubes effectively, preventing undesired movement.

Flooring & Tiles

Safeguard flooring and tiles during transit and storage.

Shipping Parcels

Enhance the security of shipping parcels.


Safeguard furniture during transit by ensuring stability.

Large Lightweight Pallets

Effectively fasten large lightweight pallets, preventing displacem

Customizable Specifications

BMS offers bespoke strapping in various gauges and lengths. Our production includes manual, semi-automatic, and fully automatic manufacturing processes.


Semi Automatic



Semi Automatic

Semi Automatic

Semi Automatic

Semi Automatic




Elevate Your Packaging Game

Contact BMS to fortify your product packaging with our cutting-edge strapping solutions. By choosing BMS Black Strapping, you mitigate safety risks, trim expenses, and gain access to dependable packaging performance. Secure your cargo confidently with BMS.

FAQ on Polypropylene Straps

Guaranteed protection at every logistics stage

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