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Pioneers in Tailored Packaging Solutions

BMS, a company rooted in Mexico, boasts over 15 years of market experience. Established in 2006, we have steadily built a reputation as a pioneer in tailored packaging solutions. Our central goal is to furnish the highest quality products, bolstered by the pinnacle of modern technology. Our unwavering devotion to excellence motivates us to proffer inventive and steadfast solutions to our clientele.

A Trusted Ally for the Maquiladora Industry


We consider it a privilege to be a reliable and esteemed business partner in the maquiladora industry. Our acute understanding of the singular needs and hurdles faced by our clientele in this sector fuels our dedication to delivering packaging solutions that adhere to the loftiest standards of quality and punctuality. Our reservoir of industry expertise and insights empowers us to substantially contribute to the success of our clients as we cultivate robust and enduring partnerships.

Dedicated Professionals Spearheading Cultural Evolution


Our brigade comprises dexterous professionals across the operational and administrative spectrum. Our personnel, the linchpin of our achievements, are committed to the core and relentlessly endeavor to fulfill client expectations. In concert with this, we have initiated an internal metamorphosis directed towards sustainability and embracing novel methodologies. Our unalloyed commitment lies in exceptional client service and the offering of ground-breaking solutions adaptable to the fluctuating needs of our clients.

Guardians of the Environment and Stalwarts of Social Responsibility

BMS takes great pride in our reputation as a socially accountable organization, keenly aware of environmental guardianship’s imperative nature. Our allegiance to sustainability is exemplified by our Eco-Spirit ethos, which guides every decision and initiative. We pledge the exclusive use of 100% recyclable packaging materials and, where possible, biodegradable alternatives without compromising quality. Our unflagging efforts solidify BMS as a business partner deeply committed to ecological conservation.

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Our Distinction: A Cohesive Workforce, Unending Refinement, and Stellar Customer Care

Our essence is anchored in the seamless integration of pivotal elements. At the forefront, we have a highly-skilled and dynamic workforce whose tireless dedication to excellence is the bedrock of our accomplishments. In conjunction, our unceasing improvement initiatives allow for constant fine-tuning of our operations, yielding tangible dividends for our clients through enhanced efficiency and quality.

Complementing this, our client-centric approach is highly prized among those who entrust their needs to us. Each client is valued immensely and welcomed into our family. Our devotion extends to providing customized, considerate service, assuring that client needs and aspirations are holistically addressed.

At BMS, our role transcends that of mere service providers; we view ourselves as an integral part of our clients’ extended family, collectively laboring towards shared triumphs.

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Our Team the Backbone of Our Success

We champion a culture of collaboration and are relentless in our pursuit of customer service excellence. Our robust and lasting relationships with clients, suppliers, and team members are forged through mutual respect and shared goals. Our steadfast commitment to quality, innovation, and sustainability propels us to the forefront as leaders in the packaging industry.

Our team is not just a workforce; it’s a closely-knit family that supports and uplifts one another. We recognize and celebrate the intrinsic value of each team member, viewing them as the bedrock upon which our success is built. Our comprehensive training programs cultivate a spirit of collaboration, enabling each team member to gain insights into the diverse range of activities that take place and appreciate the contributions of their colleagues. Our trajectory as an ever-expanding enterprise ensures that every milestone reached is a gateway to new horizons for growth and progress.


Our Core Values


We conduct ourselves ethically and transparently in our business dealings.


Our top priority is the safety of people and the products we handle.


We adeptly adapt to the ever-evolving demands of the market.


We are at the forefront of providing innovative and technologically cutting-edge packaging solutions.


Our dedication to surpassing expectations is matched only by our resolve to foster enduring relationships.


Our active engagement in sustainable practices includes using environmentally-friendly materials.

Guaranteed protection at every logistics stage

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